Bomba Desague Lavavajillas Fagor Edesa V99I000D7 V99I000C2 V99I000H1

Bomba Desague Lavavajillas Fagor Edesa V99I000D7 V99I000C2 V99I000H1

Bomba de desagüe para lavavajillas FAGOR COPRECI KEBS105/004A=COPRECI EBS-2556-0707 Con protecto térmico. Código original : V99I000D7=V99I000C2=V99I000H1


EDESA - Modelo Código Fabricante

LDD960IT V99I000C2

LDD960IT V99I000D7

LDD960IT V99I000H1

LE031P V99I000C2

LE031P V99I000D7

LE031P V99I000H1

VF56E V99I000C2

VF56E V99I000D7

VF56E V99I000H1

1LE25G V99I000C2

1LE25G V99I000D7

1LE25G V99I000H1

1LF019S V99I000C2

1LF019S V99I000D7

1LF019S V99I000H1

2VA141P V99I000C2

2VA141P V99I000D7

2VA141P V99I000H1

FAGOR - Modelo Código Fabricante

B4089 V99I000H1

G18 V99I000H1

G181 V99I000H1

G182 V99I000H1

LDD960IT V99I000C2

LDD960IT V99I000D7

LDD960IT V99I000H1

LDD970IT V99I000H1

LDD970ITX V99I000H1

LED035S V99I000H1

LES032S V99I000H1

LE031P V99I000C2

LE031P V99I000D7

LE031P V99I000H1

LE031PN V99I000H1

LE031S V99I000H1

LE031SLX V99I000H1

LE031SX V99I000H1

LE036G V99I000H1

LE041S V99I000H1

LE041SX V99I000H1

LE051S V99I000H1

LE061S V99I000H1

LE61IT V99I000H1

LE71IT V99I000H1

LFE011S V99I000H1

LFF012 V99I000H1

LFF0121 V99I000H1

LFF013 V99I000H1

LFF013I V99I000H1

LFF013IN V99I000H1

LFF013IX V99I000H1

LFF013X V99I000H1

LFF013X1 V99I000H1

LFF0131 V99I000H1

LFF014 V99I000H1

LFF014X V99I000H1

LFF017 V99I000H1

LFF021LX V99I000H1

LFF022 V99I000H1

LFF023 V99I000H1

LFF023X V99I000H1

LFF024 V99I000H1

LFF024X V99I000H1

LFI022B V99I000H1

LFI022N V99I000H1

LFI023B V99I000H1

LFI023N V99I000H1

LFI023X V99I000H1

LFJ022 V99I000H1

LFJ023 V99I000H1

LFJ031 V99I000H1

LFK011S V99I000H1

LFK014S V99I000H1

LFK014SX V99I000H1

LFK019S V99I000H1

LFU013S V99I000H1

LFU013SX V99I000H1

LFU017IX V99I000H1

LFU017S V99I000H1

LFU017SX V99I000H1

LFU020S V99I000H1

LFU020SX V99I000H1

LFU073IT V99I000H1

LFU65IT V99I000H1

LFU65ITX V99I000H1

LFU65IT1X V99I000H1

LF010S V99I000H1

LF011P V99I000H1

LF011PN V99I000H1

LF011S V99I000H1

LF013E V99I000H1

LF013EN V99I000H1

LF013IX V99I000H1

LF013S V99I000H1

LF013SX V99I000H1

LF015I V99I000H1

LF015IN V99I000H1

LF015S V99I000H1

LF015SX V99I000H1

LF017IX V99I000H1

LF017S V99I000H1

LF017SX V99I000H1

LF019IX V99I000H1

LF019S V99I000H1

LF019SX V99I000H1

LF020S V99I000H1

LF020SX V99I000H1

LF068IT V99I000H1

LF068ITX V99I000H1

LF073IT V99I000H1

LF073ITX V99I000H1

LF65IT V99I000H1

LF65ITX V99I000H1

LF65IT1X V99I000H1

LJF011X V99I000H1

LJF012 V99I000H1

LJ0222S V99I000H1

LJ0223S V99I000H1

LJ0225S V99I000H1

LJ024S V99I000H1

LJ431X V99I000H1

LJ4320X V99I000H1

LJ641 V99I000H1

LJ6420 V99I000H1

LM13 V99I000H1

LM13SX V99I000H1

LVD14 V99I000H1

LVD35 V99I000H1

LVD40 V99I000H1

LVD42 V99I000H1

LVD50 V99I000H1

LVD51 V99I000H1

LV142C V99I000H1

LV142CS V99I000H1

LV1625I V99I000H1

LV1645I V99I000H1

LV225R V99I000H1

LV2302F V99I000H1

LV2332FS V99I000H1

LV245R V99I000H1

LV250R V99I000H1

LV332R V99I000H1

LV332RS V99I000H1

LV4025F V99I000H1

LV4045F V99I000H1

LV4050F V99I000H1

LV432P V99I000H1

LV432PS V99I000H1

LV525G V99I000H1

LV532G V99I000H1

LV532GS V99I000H1

LV545G V99I000H1

LV550G V99I000H1

LV560XG V99I000H1

LV600IN V99I000H1

LV600IX V99I000H1

LV632I V99I000H1

LV632IS V99I000H1

LV7025D V99I000H1

LV7045D V99I000H1

LV7050D V99I000H1

LV7060XD V99I000H1

LV732D V99I000H1

LV732DS V99I000H1

LV832S V99I000H1

LV832SS V99I000H1

LV932MS V99I000H1

MVD54S V99I000H1

MVD54SX V99I000H1

MV5S V99I000H1

MV6SX V99I000H1

VDA21 V99I000H1

VDE070S V99I000H1

VDE560P V99I000H1

VDE560PN V99I000H1

VD070S V99I000H1

VD080S V99I000H1

VD250S V99I000H1

VD5560S V99I000H1

VD560P V99I000H1

VD560PN V99I000H1

VD560SX V99I000H1

VED035S V99I000H1

VED25P V99I000H1

VED35S V99I000H1

VEID21S V99I000H1

VES032S V99I000H1

VEU31P V99I000H1

VE031S V99I000H1

VE031SLX V99I000H1

VE031SX V99I000H1

VE036G V99I000H1

VE041S V99I000H1

VE051S V99I000H1


VFE07S V99I000H1

VFE07SX V99I000H1

VFE14 V99I000H1

VFE25P V99I000H1

VFE25PN V99I000H1

VFE25S V99I000H1

VFE25SY V99I000H1

VFE35S V99I000H1

VFE46S V99I000H1

VFE65IT V99I000H1

VFE65ITX V99I000H1

VFE65IT1X V99I000H1

VFF02 V99I000H1

VFF022 V99I000H1

VFF05 V99I000H1

VFF10 V99I000H1

VFF17 V99I000H1

VFF171 V99I000H1

VFF27 V99I000H1

VFF271 V99I000H1

VFF37S V99I000H1

VFF371S V99I000H1

VFG25I V99I000H1

VFG25IN V99I000H1

VFG25P V99I000H1

VFG25PN V99I000H1

VFH85IT V99I000H1

VFP65IT V99I000H1

VFS14 V99I000H1

VFU05S V99I000H1

VFU05SX V99I000H1

VFU07SX V99I000H1

VFU14S V99I000H1

VFU15 V99I000H1

VFU15I V99I000H1

VFU15IN V99I000H1

VFU15IX V99I000H1

VFU35X V99I000H1

VFU46S V99I000H1

VFU65IT V99I000H1

VF06S V99I000H1

VF07E V99I000H1

VF07S V99I000H1

VF07SX V99I000H1

VF08E V99I000H1

VF08S V99I000H1

VF14P V99I000H1

VF25I V99I000H1

VF25IN V99I000H1

VF25P V99I000H1

VF25PN V99I000H1

VF25S V99I000H1

VF35A V99I000H1

VF35AX V99I000H1

VF35DB V99I000H1

VF35DG V99I000H1

VF35X V99I000H1

VF35Y V99I000H1

VF46S V99I000H1

VF55P V99I000H1

VF56E V99I000C2

VF56E V99I000D7

VF56E V99I000H1

VF56EN V99I000H1

VF56I V99I000H1

VF56IN V99I000H1

VF56IX V99I000H1

VF65IT V99I000H1

VF65ITX V99I000H1

VF65IT1X V99I000H1

VF65VIT V99I000H1

VM13 V99I000H1

V99I000C V99I000H1

WLV164 V99I000H1

1LED035S V99I000H1

1LES032S V99I000H1


1LE031P V99I000C2

1LE031P V99I000D7

1LE031P V99I000H1

1LE031PN V99I000H1

1LE031S V99I000H1

1LE031SLX V99I000H1

1LE031SX V99I000H1

1LE036G V99I000H1

1LE041S V99I000H1

1LE041SX V99I000H1

1LE061S V99I000H1

1LE25G V99I000C2

1LE25G V99I000D7

1LF011P V99I000H1

1LF011PN V99I000H1

1LF011S V99I000H1

1LF013E V99I000H1

1LF013EN V99I000H1

1LF013IX V99I000H1

1LF013S V99I000H1

1LF013SX V99I000H1

1LF013X V99I000H1

1LF015I V99I000H1

1LF015IN V99I000H1

1LF017IX V99I000H1

1LF017S V99I000H1

1LF017SX V99I000H1

1LF017X V99I000H1

1LF019S V99I000C2

1LF019S V99I000D7

1LF019S V99I000H1

1LF019SX V99I000H1

1LF020S V99I000H1

1LF020SX V99I000H1

1MV4S V99I000H1

1MV7SX V99I000H1

1VA141 V99I000D7

1VA141 V99I000H1

1VA141P V99I000H1

1VA251P V99I000H1

1VA361P V99I000H1

1VA361PN V99I000H1

1VEE11 V99I000H1

1VEE21IX V99I000H1

1VES31P V99I000H1

1VES32S V99I000H1

1VE21I V99I000H1

1VE21IN V99I000H1

1VE21P V99I000H1

1VE21S V99I000H1

1VE25G V99I000H1

1VE31IX V99I000H1

1VE31P V99I000H1

1VE31PN V99I000H1

1VE31S V99I000H1

1VE31SLX V99I000H1

1VE41E V99I000H1

1VE41S V99I000H1

1VE61IT V99I000H1

1VFE02 V99I000H1

1VFE02S V99I000H1

1VFE03S V99I000H1

1VFE04S V99I000H1

1VFE05S V99I000H1

1VFE09S V99I000H1

1VFE14 V99I000H1

1VFE25 V99I000H1

1VFE25I V99I000H1

1VFE25IN V99I000H1

1VFE65IT V99I000H1

1VFE65ITX V99I000H1

1VFE65IT1X V99I000H1

1VFG03I V99I000H1

1VFG03ILX V99I000H1

1VFG03IN V99I000H1

1VFG04SX V99I000H1

1VFG25 V99I000H1

1VFG25I V99I000H1

1VFU75IT V99I000H1

1VF02P V99I000H1

1VF02PN V99I000H1

1VF02S V99I000H1

1VF03E V99I000H1

1VF03EN V99I000H1

1VF03I V99I000H1

1VF03IN V99I000H1

1VF03S V99I000H1

1VF03SX V99I000H1

1VF04S V99I000H1

1VF04SX V99I000H1

1VF05E V99I000H1

1VF05I V99I000H1

1VF05S V99I000H1

1VF09S V99I000H1

1VF09SX V99I000H1

1VF25I V99I000H1

1VF25IN V99I000H1

1VF25IX V99I000H1

1VF25P V99I000H1

1VF56IAL V99I000H1

1VF56IX V99I000H1

1VF65IT V99I000H1

1VF65ITX V99I000H1

1VF65IT1X V99I000H1

1VF65VIT V99I000H1

2VA141 V99I000H1

2VA141P V99I000C2

2VA141P V99I000D7

2VA141P V99I000H1

2VA141UK V99I000H1

2VA251P V99I000H1

2VA361P V99I000H1

2VA361PN V99I000H1

2VED25P V99I000H1

2VED35S V99I000H1

2VEE11 V99I000H1

2VES31P V99I000H1

2VES32S V99I000H1

2VE071S V99I000H1

2VE21I V99I000H1

2VE21IN V99I000H1

2VE21P V99I000H1

2VE21S V99I000H1

2VE25G V99I000H1

2VE31IX V99I000H1

2VE31P V99I000H1

2VE31PN V99I000H1

2VE31S V99I000H1

2VE31SLX V99I000H1

2VE31SLXUK V99I000H1

2VE41E V99I000H1

2VE41S V99I000H1

2VE51I V99I000H1

2VE61IT V99I000H1

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0.10 cm
0.32 kg
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